Monday, June 30, 2014

I haven't been posting much, but many things happened since my last post.
about 2 weeks ago, I went to IL Calcio with some people from church. 
We enjoyed talking to each other and the food there was really good :)

Friday, June 13, 2014

His Hand

I dream.
I hope.
But I am impatient, self-seeking, undisciplined, and weak.

Though I wish my wishes, 
what are those dreams and hopes if what I am inside covers their shine?
I become discouraged and beat myself down for not being able to change and fight against my nature. My sin.

And so, I hold onto His hand. His pierced hand. The only hand that can lift me up from my grave. It is He who gives me the strength to try again and again, despite my failures.
He guides me  through the maze of choices, and endlessly waits and understands my weaknesses. 

He has his hands stretched out to me.
I reach out and hold on.
Start again.

pardon me for the cheesiness. :P

Wuthering HeightsI don't know what to expect from this novel either. All I know is that the novel is about a man who shelters at a place called Wuthering Heights where he discovers many events that took place there many years before.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I recently found out that the novel The Invisible Man that I am reading is by the wrong author... and so, I am going to move on to reading Wuthering Heights. I think I will visit school some time to borrow either the Kite Runner or Pride and Prejudice.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Just recently, I went to Promenada to buy books from a book shop.Of the books that I bought, I purchased The Invisible ManI had first been introduced to the book through Emma (a fellow classmate), who had been reading it during our silent reading time.Once I had been given the summer AP homework, I noticed that The Invisible Man was one of the options to choose from for the summer reading assignment. I had been curious about the book, so I thought it was a opportunity to get to read it.
The Invisible Man was written by  H. G. Wellsborn in Bromley, England 1866. His first novel, The Time Machine was a great success and lead to his literary popularity. Many of his novels feature social and scientific factors, and is known to be an author, historian, and a distinguished social and political idealist. Many of his predictions of the future came true. So much that he is sometimes called "the Father of Futurism." But he is best known as "the Father of Science Fiction" (Herbert George Wells).

I did not know what to expect from the book, except that there would probably be an unusual character called the Invisible Man. The brief summary of the novel on the back of the book gave me the slight impression that there would be some violent and mysterious scenes throughout the novel, but other than that, I had no perception of how the story would proceed. I hoped at the time that I would be able to read through the novel without having to encounter graphic scenes that may be a challenge for me to read. (I am writing in past tense because I have already read past the middle of the book. I will promptly post my views and opinions on the book so far in the following posts.)

Hope you have a great day!
-A Cup of Memories

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Yeah... after reading the posts that my fellow classmates posted, I could help but be surprised. 
I have no idea as to how blogging works or how to use it. In other words, a total newbie. 

Well, I gotta start learning. 

I really liked how Hannah's post looked with many pictures. It emphasized what she had written. I also noticed that Andrew had used hyperlinks. In attempt to follow their steps and methods, I used hyperlinks and pictures. Yeah!

I just recently visited the bookshop,Carturesti, at the Promenada Mall, and bought three books for my AP English Free reading: 

The Invisible ManWuthering Heights, and Moby Dick.


I am currently reading The Invisible Man, and I will give a brief talk about what it is about and what I think about in on my next blog. 

Enjoy your summer! :D

-Cup of Memories