Monday, August 25, 2014

The Old Man and the Sea is truly an intriguing book. Though the book seems simple and repetitive, the simplicity and repetitions of certain phrases made me think even more deeply. Though most of the book seems very straight forward, there several phrases and comments that caused me to have to stop reading and think over what it possibly meant.
I don;t remember the last time that i have been so clearly taken by a book. Even though the book is short, it has a peculiar taste to its form of writing which pulls the reader in deeper and deeper into its pages.
This written work truly reflects the originality and ingenuity of Ernest Hemingway, and why his writing form had intrigued many readers. I have come to admire Hemingway's form of writing greatly.
The fact that I could be so taken by such few pages and simple words is mind boggling to me and I do not completely understand why I enjoyed this book so much. When I stopped reading the book, it seemed like I had been traveling with the old man, questioning him, and observing the things that he was. It is truly a  magical feeling.
But one thing I am afraid of is that some readers may not truly taste the book for what it is by just quickly skimming through its pages. When reading this book, I encourage the reader to attempt to dig more deeply into the book to discover the charisma of Hemingway's work.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Article Response: Ernest Hemingway

It was very interesting to read about the life of Ernest Hemingway. I think it really was a blessing for him to have had the childhood he had within nature for it is not something that everyone can experience these days. It is surprising to me how much Hemingway learned at his time starting from music to track field manager. One thing that surprised me in a slightly negative way was that Hemingway had married several times because he fell in love with another woman other than his current wife and committed suicide later on in his life. The first article that talked about Hemingway's life (The Life of Ernest Hemingway) said that "Hemingway was raised with the conservative Midwestern values of strong religion, hard work, physical fitness and self determination; if one adhered to these parameters, he was taught, he would be ensured of success in whatever field he chose." Though he flourished during his youth, the discipline he was taught did not help him much towards the end of his life.
The Iceberg theory is something I had never thought about before. After reading about Hemingway's
The Iceberg theory is something I had never thought about before. After reading about Hemingway's Iceberg Theory I have come to admire and appreciate the works of authors that have hidden messages within its stories, even more than before. I now realized how much work needs to be put in into a writing, and how the value of books differ based on the deepness of the knowledge of the author behind the stories.