Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Seo Woo(left), Min Jae(right)
Hi ^^ Last week, from Thursday-Saturday(June 26-28), our church held a Bible Camp for the Korean children in Bucharest.

The Sunday school teachers, and other members of our church, including me, prepared for the event during that week, and the week before, meeting up at church and staying there the whole day. I was given the task to prepare songs and choreographed dances with those songs. I found many fun songs from youtube, and just like I expected, the children loved them.

 Here are a few links to the songs we had at the Programs to those who are curious (they are in Korean FYI). 
성령님의 신호등,
날마다 날마다,
천국은 마치
More, More, More
He's Changing Me

The following are some pictures that we took of the kids. Hope you enjoy. You will recognize many of them. :)
(The following pictures are only few of the many children that participated in the programs)

 Dan Cho  

Ji Woo Park

 Soo A Kim


Soo Jin Kim

Seo Woo Park

Mission at Promenada

Picture Time with the 'Faith' team

Snacking at McDonalds

Waiting outside of the Mall

At the Tram Station
On the Way to the Mall

The Bible Camp Theme was "Q.T. Prince and Q.T. Princess." Kinda cheesy, but very important stuff ;)
It was a time where I realized how precious each soul is worth, no matter how small or big, young and old. Each child was as precious as a jewel. I cannot even start to fathom how much more special and valuable each one of these souls are in God's eyes, but I wish to learn to see people with God's eyes so that my attitude towards each one is of love.

Here is another drop to add in My Cup of Memories :D


  1. 야 진짜 귀엽다 ㅋㅋㅋ 근데 내가 한국말로 쓰면 모를걸?? 완전 좋은데 ㅋㅋ 그치?

    1. ㅋㅋㅋ 그러게.. 근데 좀 치사하다..ㅋ

  2. That sounds fantastic! You must have had fun with those cuties :)

  3. Dan Cho is such a goof! He always makes me laugh. I watched one of the videos (the second one, as the first link didn't work), and I'm sure the kids you taught enjoyed the songs with the motions/dance moves. So cute!